Privacy Policy

You have chosen to attend “Mt. View” Homes Inc. for the provision of services. In order that we may properly attend to your needs we will need to request information from you that may be of a personal nature. “Mt. View” Homes Inc. respects your right to privacy and this document has been prepared to advise you of how we deal with information which we collect about you. If you want to know more please do not hesitate to ask us to discuss our Privacy Policy with you. 

What information about you do we collect?

Prior to or at the time of your admission we will be asking questions about you to assist in the provision of our services to you. The information we need may include but is not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Your name and address details;
  • Your date of birth;
  • Details of your medical practitioner(s);
  • Information with respect to your current health;
  • Your medical history;
  • Some Financial information and Health Insurance details;
  • Details of Family members including spouse, next of kin and persons we may need to contact in an emergency;

We will only ask for information that we need to provide services to you.

Your consent will be sought throughout all information collecting.

What do we do with the information we collect?

Any information we may collect about you is placed on a file which is kept secure at all times. We endeavour to ensure that no one who does not have a need to read your file gets access to it. The information we collect is used to help us in providing a service to you.

We may need to collect some information for purposes that are not related to the reason you came to us. Some of this information may need to be provided to government agencies under particular laws or we may need to use the information ourselves for other purposes. If we do need to use information about you for any other purpose than what you have come to us for we will tell you and obtain your consent before we use the information for these secondary purposes.

Where we take photographs or display your name, we will seek consent for use within the facility and in all publications including the website.

Who has access to the information collected?

Only those people who need to refer to your file will have access. This will include staff who attend to you, and those who may from time to time need to refer to your file to assist in providing services to you. This may include some people who are not staff of our organisation but whom it is necessary for us to discuss your case in order to properly provide a service to you.

How is information about me protected?

All personal information held about you will be continually supervised. Written records will be stored in locked filing cabinets or in other locked storage. Information held on computers will be password protected. We will undertake to ensure that information held in electronic form from all electronic data bases is removed from such data bases before equipment leaves our control. All written information will be destroyed by burning, pulping or shredding if it is no longer needed. Only authorised staff will have access to your records while we hold the information.

What if my information is leaked?

Commencing on 22 February 2018, changes to the federal Privacy Act make it compulsory for us to notify specific types of data breaches (Notifiable Data Breaches or NDBs), to individuals affected by the breach, and to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC). A data breach occurs where “personal information held by an agency or organisation is lost or subjected to unauthorised access, modification, disclosure, or other misuse or interference.” We would take reasonable steps to ensure that the likelihood of this occurring is minimal, and take remedial action immediately.

Can I access my records?

Under the Australian Privacy Principles, you have a right to have access to personal information held about you, and to correct or update the information if you can establish that it is incorrect.

Only written requests for changes will be accepted.  In general, we will respond to your requests for access within 14 days.

What if I have a complaint?

In the event that you have any complaint about the way we deal with privacy issues, please contact us first. If we cannot resolve the issue you do have a right to contact the Privacy Commission to address the issue. We hope that you will have no complaint with us but please advise us if we can do better. 

Our contact details are:

Chief Executive Officer

“Mt. View” Homes Inc.

31 Arthur Street

Booleroo Centre 5482

Telephone: 08 86 672 207

Fax: 08 86 672 287

E-Mail: [email protected]

REVIEWED August 2019